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French Seams
Here's a quick look at how to do french seams.
Knee Articulation
This short how-to describes how to add articulation to pants.
Hood Pattern
This extensible hood pattern can be easily adapted to your project.
Installing Wrist Elastic
Elastic cuffs are formed by sewing in the elastic while keeping it stretched.
Down Underquilt
Anyone planning on using a hammock in colder weather should consider this project
Anatomical Sleeping Bag Hood
This project interactively generates an anatomical hood pattern based on your shoulder width. Temporarily Offline.
Mitten Pattern
It's easy and inexpensive to make your own fleece mittens. This project only requires 1/4 yard of fleece!
Using Continuous Zipper
Continuous zipper allows you to customize a zipper's length and saves you the obscene expense of a pre-made zipper.
Titanium Solid Fuel Tablet Stove
This solid fuel stove folds up into a tiny, lightweight package and will work with small and large pots.
Lightweight Backpack
Beautiful diagrams and excellent instruction help you build this 13.5 oz ultralite pack.
Manual Buttonhole
If your sewing machine doesn't have a lot of fancy stitches, here's how to make a manual buttonhole.
Basic seams for making your own gear
Learn how to make the common seams used in making your own outdoor gear.
Bobbin Basics
Teaches the basics on threading the bobbin.
Thread Tension
Making sure your machine's stitch is balanced is a must before starting on your homemade gear project.
Recycled Mesh Stuffsack
Are you the type that hates to see useful materials discarded? If so, this mesh stuffsack project is for you.
Nimblewill Nomad's Wood Burning Stove
This wood burning stove packs flat, boils a pint and a half of water in about 5 minutes, and makes the Sierra Zip Stove people very nervous about their future.
0.5 oz V8 Stove
The ultralite can stove in the picture weighs less than an ounce, burns denatured alcohol, and brings a pint of water to boil in about 6 minutes.
Roy Robinson's Cat Stove
This new, lightweight version of Roy Robinson's Cat Stove stove will bring two cups of water to a boil in about 5 minutes, has no moving parts and will fit inside your cook pot.
17 oz Down Quilt
Learn how to make a down quilt.
Make Your Own Silnylon Stuffsacks
This easy project is one of the best ways to get started in making your own gear.
Henry's Tarptent & Tarptent-for-2
1999 PCT thru-hiker Henry Shires' Tarptent sleeps 1+ and weighs 18 oz. complete with poles, stakes, tie lines etc. It's floor-less, completely screened with zipper opening door and made from 1.1 oz silicone-coated nylon.