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Down Quilt Materials

Minima Vest Kit

Size Chest
XS 36-38"
S 38"
M 41"
L 44"
XL 47"
XXL 50"

* Size S, 0.8 oz shell and liner

** The Minima instructions are online and a printed copy is not included with the kit.

Ski Patrol Red
Steel Gray
Classic Blue

Product ID: MG157    Category:Kits, Fabric, and Materials-Kits

Description:  AYCE designed the Minima Vest with two main characteristics: minimum weight and bulk. With a finished weight as low as 4.5 oz*, the Minima Vest adds core loft while needing just 150 cc's of pack real estate. You decide how it best compliments your hiking style: wear it while hiking, use it to bulk up the loft of other items in colder weather, under your shell or in your sleeping bag... it'll be your go-to piece in all conditions. Plus making it yourself increases your self-reliance and liberates you from the aggressive marketing and high prices of commercial gear.

Every aspect of the Minima Vest has been designed for your success. Take a look at what you get with the kit:
  • Detailed online instructions** with 18 pictures. The Minima's streamlined construction is the best introduction to synthetic insulated apparel.
  • A full sized pattern including all seam allowances and design details
  • Your choice of shell and liner fabrics
  • A warm, durable layer of 3.0 oz Primaloft
  • Athletic and Relaxed Fit options on every pattern
  • Everything you need for the project except for thread, needles, and a sewing machine.
  • Phone and email support if you run into any snags

Join the growing ranks of hikers that make their own gear with Thru-Hiker's Minima Vest kit. We know you can do it!

Minima Vest Kit: M90 Fabric- $59.95
M90 is a 20d mini ripstop weighing 1.0 oz/yd2.
Minima Vest Kit: M50 FAbric- $69.95
M50MR is a 10d mini ripstop weighing 0.7oz/yd2
Customize your insulation- $6.50