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Down Quilt Materials

Maxima Jacket Kit

Size Chest Sleeve
XS 36-38" 32.5"
S 38" 32.5"
M 41" 33.5"
L 44" 34.5"
XL 47" 35.5"
XXL 50" 36.5"

* The Maxima instructions are online; no printed copy will be included with your kit.
Sleeve Length: Measured from the center of the back
Weight: 11.4 oz for Size S, 0.8 oz liner,1.1 oz teflon DWR Shell, 4 oz Primaloft Sport Insulation
Difficulty: The Maxima is a difficult kit. We recommend completing one of our easier synthetic insulated apparel kits before the Maxima.

Ski Patrol Red
Steel Gray
Classic Blue

Product ID: MG159    Category:Kits, Fabric, and Materials-Kits

Description:  AYCE's new Maxima Jacket: lots of loft, smart features, super detailed instructions* and a great pattern.
  • 0.6" to 1.2" of water resistant loft
    Commercial cold weather jackets usually have a single layer of 0.4" insulation, disguised in the specs as "1.8oz/60g". That's fine for fair weather hiking, but when you're staring a prolonged stretch of 30 degree rain in the face, less than half an inch of loft doesn't cut it. AYCE's Maxima lets you customize the loft from 0.6" to 1.2".

  • Smart Features
    Without compromising on weight, we've got the features that keep the cold at bay: fully baffled draft tube stiffened with a No-Snag strip, Shock Cord Waist, and Insulated Cuffs, Collar, & Pockets.

  • Fit Options
    Every pattern includes both Athletic and Relaxed Fit options to help you get the fit that's right for your body and hiking style.

  • Thru-Hiker Kits - Designed for Success
    Customers agree: "The thought you've put into making the kits easy for beginners is appreciated, and infinitely more noticeable now that I've tried somebody else's pattern".
Maxima Jacket Kit: M90 Fabric- $114.95
M90 is a 20d mini ripstop weighing 1.0 oz/yd2.
Maxima Jacket Kit: M50 Fabric- $129.95
M50MR is a 10d mini ripstop weighing 0.7oz/yd2.
Customize your insulation- $10.00