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Bear Canister Bias

Thru-Fishing the JMT

5 x 8 Poncho as Shelter and Raingear

Esbit Stove Height vs Efficiency

Stoveweight vs Time Over 14 Days

Stoveweight vs Time Over 28 Days

Repairing Gear on the Trail

Washing Down Gear

Common Choices for Alcohol Fueled Stoves

Flying With Fuels

Resupply Options for Long Distance Hikers

MSR Pocket Rocket Tests

Pack Light Eat Right

Debunking Cookware Myths

For a Few Calories More: the Good, Bad, and Ugly of Trail Foods

Water Purification for Long Distance Hikers

Pack Light, Eat Right

Nutritional recommendations for backpackers and other endurance exercise enthusiasts.

As a nutritionist and avid long distance hiker, I have spent many nights along the trail answering questions related to nutrition and endurance. Based on my sabbatical research and personal experience, I have compiled answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). I hope this information helps you Pack Light, Eat Right.

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How to Avoid Hitting the Wall: Sugars, Endurance and Training -- Snacks Getting enough Minerals.
Minimize Pack Weight and Feed Active Muscles--Keep the Fat in! Recipes for the Trail.
Getting Enough Protein. Adjusting to Extreme Conditions--extreme heat, cold, elevation, and rainy days.
Water & Salt. Living off the Land: Edible Plants.
Getting your Vitamins. Saving Fuel, Money & Time: Tips on Dehydrating Food.

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