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Bear Canister Bias
I know the pain of trying to cram a hard sided canister into an ultralite pack as well as anyone. But before you decide to leave it at home, listen to an experience I recently had in the Sierras.
Thru-Fishing the JMT
The JMT abounds with some of the finest trout fishing in the world.
The 5 x 8' Poncho as Shelter and Rain Gear
Dual use of a sil nylon poncho as raingear and shelter can knock over a pound from even the lightest packs, but not without serious risk.
Esbit Stove Height Vs. Efficiency
A short experiment was performed to determine the validity of message board claims that commercial Esbit stoves are inefficient because the pot is too close to the burning tablet.
Stoveweight vs Time Over 14 Days
This article shows how stoveweight fluctuates over time with a 14 day fuel supply.
Stoveweight vs Time Over 28 Days
This article shows how stoveweight fluctuates over time with a 28 day fuel supply.
Long Term Planning for a Thru-Hike
Get started with the long term preparations for your thru-hike!
Repairing Gear on the Trail
Learn how to make bomber repairs right on the trail.
Washing a Down Sleeping Bag
Get rid of the nasty hiker funk and restore lots of loft to your down bag!
Common Choices for Alcohol Fueled Stoves
All the pros and cons of the fuels commonly used for alcohol burning stoves are examined in this article.
Flying With Fuels
Read this article to find out why you can't fly with fuel in your luggage or in your carry on.
Resupply Options for Long Distance Hikers
This article presents an overview of the common ways thru-hikers keep themselves in gear and food on a long distance hike.
MSR Pocket Rocket Tests
Curt Peterson performed some objective tests of the MSR Pocket Rocket propane/butane canister stove.
Pack LIght Eat Right
This is a great series of articles written by a dietician regarding nutrition for long distance hikers.
Debunking Cookware Myths
This article debunks message board claims Titanium's heat transfer characteristics make it unsuitable for cookware.
For a Few Calories More: the Good, Bad, and Ugly of Trail Foods
Eating right is an absolute neccessity for a thru-hiker. Planning and experience can help you maximize nutrition and calories while minimizing cost and weight.
Water Purification for Long Distance Hikers
Pros and cons of filters and chemical techniques.